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Welcome to our School Council blog which we hope you will find useful. My name is Thomas Walker and I will be writing these posts with Thomas Goggin throughout the year.

School Council this year is going to carry on from last years success with the Coordinator System. If you are unsure about what we mean let me explain: at the start of 2016 School Council had a completely new setup where some members of the Council were given a particular role to focus on (e.g: Lunch Coordinator, Mr P's Coordinator, the Playground Coordinators etc) and whenever something suggested is linked to that subject/person it's the Coordinator's job to sort it out! We found that it worked really well last year especially Charlotte Arnold and Mia Collins disucssing ideas with Mr P such as the Merit Badges.

We have now had our first School Council meeting and would like to welcome our new members. School Council Members for 2016/17 are: William Webb, Albie Downham-Smith, Bethany Walder, Charlie Patterson, Fraser Darling, Tanaka Mutswunguma, Isabella Weeks,  Jolyon Gough, Ellie-Morgan Campbell, Rose Forster, Thomas Goggin and Thomas Walker. 

If you have got any suggestions for School Council this year please feel free to put your ideas in the 'Suggestion Box' in the Reception Area - All suggestions will be noted and you will get a reply.

Here some of the suggestions that we have already recieved to discussed in School Council this term.

~Lunch Changes
~Playground Markings
~School Building Changes
~More Equipment

Thanks for Reading and let's look forward to a fantastic year in school!

Thomas Walker and Thomas Goggin.



Hello Readers,

Wow! We haven't updated the blog in a long time however we are determined to get back in the swing of posting blog updates!

Firstly, Our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) have asked if they could have photos of plants in their classroom to help them in their nature lessons and to familiarise themselves with the plants. If you have any photographs at home that you are willing to share with he EYFS children please feel free to do so!


Dear Readers,
This shows how rubbish we are at updating our blog - we haven't posted  a blog update since December!... So Happy-Late-New/OldYear readers! We have many things to talk to you about including some massive changes to the way GSCP operates.

Although we have had some confirmation stumbles, we have finally received an official letter from 'The Toilet Twinning Co” stating that we have successfully twinned our toilets with Uganda and Sierra Leone and we have received the certificates which are now proudly hung up in the main reception area.


Dear Readers,

We are extremely sorry for the 'lack-of-blogs' in the past few weeks however we hope you enjoy our MEGA-Bloggy-Blog SPECTACULAR this week,


Dear Reader,

Welcome to our toilet twinning update.

Great news, due to the very generous donations given by families and pupils during the last week, we have raised a current total of £64.72 in the ‘spend-a-penny’ jar which exceeds our target of £40 by £24.72. The School Council has decided that they want to continue requesting donations as the more money we raise the more toilets we can twin!


Dear Reader

Apologies for not posting a blog before the half-term - we didn't create a posting because we were very busy finishing off end of half term work. Hopefully this blog (which is combined from before and after half term) will make up for it!


Dear Reader,
These are some of the thing we have been getting up to 11/10/16 at School Council:

The date of School Council has changed due to the fact our School is now running a new Choir Club. Choir Club can only be held on a Tuesday, the day that Mrs Clark is in school, and so School Council will now be held on a Wednesday from 8:30 - 9:15. However, this change will only take place from Wednesday the 30th November.

We are also thinking about hosting our own Multi-Sports tournament and inviting other local primary schools to attend.


This week we had our first School Council 'Class Council' where the 3 classes and EYFS gave School Council their own suggestions for discussion based on how they see the school. Some positive comments were made and specific items that have arisen are as follows:



Welcome to our School Council blog which we hope you will find useful. My name is Thomas Walker and I will be writing these posts with Thomas Goggin throughout the year.