Great Sampford Primary School

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Meet the Staff

Miss Laidler

Teaching Assistant - Class 2

Miss Laidler is a Teaching Assistant in Class 2 and is also a MSA (midday supervisory assistant).
She lives in Shalford with her daughter who is at college studying health and beauty.  In her spare time she likes to cook, horse ride and take her mad dogs for long country walks.

Favourite movie: The Green Mile

Favourite book: Watership Down (Richard Adams)

Favourite food: Indian.

Favourite song: Take me to Church (Hozier)

Miss MacPherson

Class Teacher - Class 1

Miss MacPherson teaches our Year 1/2 class. She joined us in September 2012 having graduated from Loughborough Universtity with a B.A. (hons) degree in Fine Art.

Favourite movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favourite book: To Kill A Mocking Bird (Harper Lee)

Favourite food: Jacket potato with cheese and beans.

Favourite song: In My Place (Coldplay)

Miss Mitchell

Teaching Assistant- Class 3

Miss Mitchell is a Teaching Assistant in our Year 5/6 Class with Mr Williamson and has been at Great Sampford since September 2006. She has a particular interest in ASD (Autisitc Spectrum Disorder) and is also an MSA (midday supervisory assistant). 

Favourite movie: The Way We Were

Favourite book: Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Favourite food: Fish Fingers Sandwiches (with salad cream of course!)

Favourite song: Our House (Madness)

Miss Swain

Class Teacher - Class 2

Miss Swain is our Class 2 teacher and  and has a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Chemistry and a P.G.C.E (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) from Cambridge University. 

Favourite movie

Favourite book:  

Favourite food:

Favourite song:

Mr Athanasiou

Head Teacher

Mr Athanasiou is our Head Teacher. The children know him as 'Mr.A.' He has taught every year group during his career which had spanned over 11 years when he joined us. He enjoys teaching a variety of subjects, especially maths, dance, drama and music. It is his job to keep the children safe alongside all of the other staff. He loves to talk to people so please come in and see hime, anytime.


Favourite movie: Mrs Doubtfire

Favourite book:  Revolting Rhymes

Favourite food: Greek vine leaves.

Favourite song: It is too embarrassing!

Mr Williamson

Class Teacher - Class 3

Mr Williamson teaches our Year 5/6 class. He joined us in September 2011 and has been teaching for five years. He has a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Multimedia Technology and Design  from Kent University.

He runs a variety of clubs including: Warhammer, meteorology and GIMP.

Favourite movie: Gladiator

Favourite book:  The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)

Favourite food: Bangers and Mash (beans not gravy!)

Favourite song: Electable (Jimmy Eat World)

Mrs Armstrong

Class Teacher- EYFS

Mrs Armstrong has a B.Ed (hons) degree in Biology and Education.

Favourite movie: Chocolat

Favourite book: Hounds of the Morrigan (Pat O'Shea)

Favourite food: Raspberries and chocolate

Favourite song: Spectrum (Florence and the Machine)


Mrs Bullock

Admin Officer

Mrs Bullock works part-time in the school office

Favourite movie: Love, Honour and Obey

Favourite book:  Tigers in Red Weather (Liz Klaussman)

Favourite food: Curry and cake

Favourite song: Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

Mrs Hale

Teaching Assistant - EYFS

Mrs Hale is a Teaching Assistant in our EYFS Class with Mrs Armstrong and has been at Great Sampford since September 2001. She has a particular interest in the children's voice and organises our School Council. She is also particularly interested in the outdoors and runs our Gardening Club as well as the knitting club. Mrs Hale is also a MSA (midday supervisory assistant).

Favourite movie: Any James Bond Movie 

Favourite book: The Complete Guide to Self Sufficiency (John Seymour)

Favourite food: Spotted Dick and Clotted Cream or Cornish Pasty

Favourite song: Why (Tracey Chapman)

Mrs Lander

Admin Officer

Mrs Lander has worked at Great Sampford since 1998 in various roles throughout the school and has worked in the office since 2006.

Favourite movie: The Adjustment Bureau

Favourite book:  The Cazalet Chronicles (Elizabeth Jane Howard)

Favourite food: Freshly baked bread

Favourite song: Piano Man (Billy Joel)